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Cosplay plans

I havent posted here in aaaages so here are some updates concerning cosplay ^^

The events I plan to go to next are:

J-Culture Con
Kitacon 4

For JCC I am thinking of cosplaying Yurippe from Angel beats and rewear for groups at Fushi and Kita.

My plans for Fushi are...

Yurippe-Angel Beats
In progress at the moment. I am very much looking forward to cosplaying her as she is such an inspirational character plus I am very much looking forward to being a redhead for a whole day!

Hinata Hyuga-Naruto
There has been quite a thing for returning back to the old days when the series was once popular and theres plans for a huge group. I adore Hinata, shes shy and gentle like me and I have friends who already cosplay from it so it would be nice to join them in a photoshoot ^^

Yoh Takami-Deadman Wonderland
I have been in love with this manga for as long as I remember and Yoh is my favourite character. I have quite a group now so I am most looking forward to starting this cosplay!

Gijinka Charmeleon cosplay


Because its fun!


Oooh positiveness

 My mum is sorting a professional make-over and photoshoot for me as she had won it from an 02 reward.

Luckily I have had a sudden rise in self esteem lately. Guess one thing Beckii Cruel really did was help me discover my more cuter side and suggested I’d be more open with it. Im not really a fan of her work and annoyed how I feel she gives a rather distorted view on anime fandom and cosplay (not all anime fans try to look cute in front of a camera, and we take our cosplays very seriously!) but im grateful that I feel more confident with myself now. Also Im on a college course with mostly guys so I felt I should stay in touch more with my feminine side.

I still have a few esteem issues despite all that. It doesn’t take much at all to get me paranoid over little things, even if I have nothing to hide. Im a born worrier believe it or not and once I start really worrying over something there really isnt much to do to calm me down. Im still oversensitive, even some unexpected critism gets me down. If I disagree with something and have to deal with it I sometimes go on a huge rage at a drop of a pin and let it all out with a long rant. Most people dont seem to notice as I usually seem calm but It doesn’t take much for me to get annoyed.

But I have been improving alot since. Maybe venting my anger every now and then made me feel better. I still have doubts but I guess as a result I appreciate what I achieve more. The esteem issues do have some good in them, my paranoia makes me more cautious, my shyness and fear of rejection makes me want to be more wary of the people around me and to become more considerate, being angry and even occasionally rebellious shows that im as human as everyone else and im not as much as a doormat as every other bugger sees and being bullied just reflect their envies of my skills and talents and willingness to move on. Many of those who bullied me in the past, I have completely ignored them or just looked into their Facebook for a moment and found that they have nothing better to do in life than breed, smoke, drink and live off benefits.

And what have I been doing? Sixth form goes among some of my worst days of my life! Those, who get straight fucking A’s in nearly every subject, treated me like an outcast just because im the only one whose mind is better suited for artsy things and more practical tasks such as computers. As a result I decided to get the hell away from the books and find something that my mind would adapt better to, so I decided to go for something geeky, like FDa Multimedia. Studying a University level course in a college in the middle of the city, constantly discovering new talents and learning new skills, some of them which baffles the technology shy (things like animation, graphics, even actionscript). Over the past year I have even been to Prague and Venice! I can tell you although it took me a while to realise because I admit to have struggled at first, that signing onto this course was one of the best things I have ever done!

Whew, long post is long, I’ll be quite now ^_^ 

I couldnt think of a title

I think my geeky side is telling me to play around with my LJ layout and practace with my CCS later.

I had an email from college telling me that I need to do a presentation on a study area of my choice for when I get back. Im thinking of doing mine about animation :D Might make a start of it soon and finsh it after my induction when I get my portfolio back as I have shitloads of infomation about animation which helped getting me a distinction last year. I like the sound of photography but theres more to write about with animation.

Its official!!! Im going to Prague next year!! Havent payed yet but I have no excuse not to go as I loved it so much last time!!! I have discused with my mum about souviners already lol

Souviner list
2x Amber necklaces
Russian nesting dolls (Yes, they are Russian but they're so cute)

After researching some more traditional gifts I have found/remembered some more I'd like to add if I can ^^;
Boheimian crystal
Russian furry hat :3
Garnet necklace


Do not panic...do not panic...

Since my IE does not have a spellechecker there may be typos and spelling errors in this post and this is a really long post and cba to spellcheck entierly. Plus its really late XD

Aciu ^_^

This time of year again! You know, as the next year of Uni approaches I slowly get stomach butterflies that gets more intense on a weekly, soon to be, daily basis. Im aware that most people are already back at school/college but I get an extra month off and the last month tends to be crammed full of work ready for the new year.

I have been day by day getting more anxious since the start of the month as at the beginning of summer I was told that I was gonna get an email at the start of September but didnt state when which got me worried incase everyone else got a message except myself ^^; I worry far too much >< I calmed down when I saw an email from college about the new year but then I looked at the brief which got me in WTF? mode. Ill look at it again when Im more awake and calmed down and will reread it incase I have missed anything important.

On a much brighter note, the email said that we'll be going to Prague in March again!!! When I went last year I have fell completly in love with the place. The architecture is very beautiful, the people are very nice and lots to do. Usually Im more into sightseeing than eating but the quality of the food there is incredible and I never had a bad meal there. Its fairly cheap too!

The only bad things that happened last year was getting hit on the face with a beer glass while clubbing and the morning after I have had the ultimate (and my first) hangover and after throwing up literally every hour I decided to get some fresh air and buy some chocolate for the people at home then the next thing I knew I got lost while taking photos of buildings XD I did feel much better after the walk so I guess being lost wasnt 'that bad' but I did get a few third years worried ^^; oops. I was worried all day as I have got the flght home later that day. Thankfully it was late but I was too scared to look at a beer can/glass for days. Also being hit in the face is painful but I was really panicy as I had a anime convention less than a week later and I just cant imagine Ranka Lee with a bruised face ^^; Also...some guys were pretty excited to see me when I went clubbing. This Italian just couldnt let go of me >< So embarrasing when the Uni folks were watching.

I definatly want to bring more money next year as the chocolate was amazing and I would love a set of Russian nesting dolls from there. I have a small set in my room from Notingham from months ago but I think a bigger set would make a lovely souvineir for my mum ^^

I have photographs of Prague in my gallery from last year if you would like to have a look ^^

Whoa, I spent more time refecting on Prague than I intended. That was all last March, just so you all know.

As for cosplay, I havent done much to tell you the truth. I have been on a bit of a downer since one of my really good friends announched he couldnt make it to Kitacon next year :( Im still going to cosplay Subaru and join the masqurade as I have been working on her since I started cosplaying and so many people want to see her come to life. I just hope I make the costume well enough.

Here is MyanimeList [link] As you can see I have played around with the CCS but I am struggling getting a background image. I tried a few codes but none seemed to work which explains why it looks a little unfinished. I adore the BakaTest theme to it as I love the anime so much! The text looks unproffessinal but that doesnt matter as its for personal use and...well...looks cute ^^

I have been having this thing for cute things lately. I used to keep my hair as it is after putting it through a straightener but now I tend to wear my hair in simple but sweet styles, and since mostly younger people wear these styles my age is often underestimated these days since generally I look younger. I guess it does help as I tend to avoid tanning and keep my hair natual as well as not going over the top with makeup.

To all Hetalia fans, what did you think to World series and Hatafutte parade?

Well my thoughts...I would like to see more LietPol moments as I could not get enough of my favourite characters. I generally prefer the more historical scenes to the more modern ones. Hungary was awesome and I was so happy to see some of the Nordics! The series need more Nordic love!

I have grown to love Romano much more now!!! Everytime he appears or gets a new song I just cant help but love him!!! He started out a little annoying but his cowardly side is soooo cute ^^

The main problem I had with the series was that when I started watching Hetalia I could happily watch a single episode a zillion times but lately I usually just watch an ep once, maybe twice, the forget about it.

As for the new ending I like Englands' and Germanys' but Romano's is definatley my favourite! Italys' is really cute but like his Marukaite chikyuu it got quite annoying after listening to it too much as the ending.


Im still alive!!! Im still alive!!!

Nothing all that special has happened lately, passed this year at college/uni, turned 19, making a skirt as my aunt gave me some cute yellow checkered fabric for free. I have a camcorder now where the photography function is better than my useral camera which reminds me that I have some nice photographs to put up from the day after my birthday while I was walking down the river Trent.


There was a hiccup with the phone bill lately so I was cut off the internet a few days ago but its all sorted now.

Im having a 'grrr' moment as, obviously, I am not chosen to study in China, Methinks they are doing a student exchange thing next year <3 

I discovered a new love, Green tea with jasmine X3


I know one thing that I hate doing and that is actionscript!

Thanks to the help I got today I am now somewhere with the website and I even managed to create a little application in less than an hour and a half!!! XD I wanna create 3 more riduculously simple ones as the deadline is the day after tomorrow and on top of that I got a A3 comic to do on Illustrater, a design board to finish (just a little bit of typography and a tiiiny bit of photomanipulation), 10 more pages of a sketchbook, a couple of sentances in an essay and some notes for some A3 presenation boards (all they need some reaseach and a little bit of priniting). I'll be bringing my laptop to NAMSOC tonight as Tenjou Tenge isnt my cup of tea so I can work with that playing in the background.

I see its kind of hectic right now. I am seeing (second year)  familliar faces from when I went to Prague and Venice again and it seems that they have last minuite preparatons aswell.

I still have alot of work to do but I'll be off for food now as I am feeling so much better now as I have been ill from stress since last night.

Ill be back soon :3



I can't wait to go home today. I only had 3 hours sleep last night because I was busy with an essay. Its really catching up on me now so I think I'd better sleep for an hour or so before namsoc tonight.

I didnt mind essays when I was in my GCSE years but since I started A-levels I began to hate them. That was the first essay I wrote for about a year so I was a little out of practace methinks.

Tomorrow Im gonna try and catch up on the researchbooks as I have recently done some research and lost some of it due to it being typed up and what I lost wouldnt recover :( I have some notes in a small sketchbook so thats not too bad. Im having a hard time being creative now so i'll do some brainstorming and stuff tomorrow.

Im using this website to help me build a website for one of my projects. Might as well put the address here as I couldnt be bothered to open notepad and type it there and save to my pendrive.


My fingers hate me now for all the actionscripting and typing I had to do over the past few days.

I wish I am a cat so I could just sleep now.

I think I have other things I need to say but I cant be arsed to think right now.


Possible travel opportunity for July

Im still alive people!

It's not often I tend to write in here anymore. Sorry everyone I have been pretty busy lately but those on Deviantart are probably on track with my life as I still go there pretty often.

I am taking a break from work right now. I have been thinking up ideas for my website design and will be carrying on with it tomorrow after writing a essay. I plan to base my site on photography as its something  just love doing once I get batteries for my camera. It's so ancient! XD Im still a bit behind on this video project but Im sure someone will be able to help by the end of this week.

I had an e-mail a few weeks ago that I have sort of forgot about until recently. Im not sure if I said anything of it yet but It's about a 3 week trip to China and the first full day there happens to be on my birthday. Im slightly doubtful over a few things but dispite that I am gonna go for it! I checked the application form not long ago today so I can fill it out later if I have time before NAMSOC tonight. I have a feeling that my brother is horribly jealous of me becasue of all the travelling opprtunities I get. Im also thinking about this student exchange thing. I'll be happy pretty much anywhere in Europe to be honest :D

Im getting more into cute things as opposed to the tomboyish fasion I was into back when I was a teen. Im actually buying short skirts and dresses now! *shock horror*

I am actually getting somewhere with my Subaru cosplay now! This patten for the top might actually work!

Back to work now. Byeeee ^_^


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